Sunday, August 9, 2009


Dear Ipod ,

Now that we have covered so many miles togother, I guess its time i wrote an ode to you.

You sing to me when ever i ask you to, i can very well take you for granted, cant i ? You gave me company in deserted bus stands at 03.00 am in the morning, lulled to me in those sleepless nites, helped me through others tantrums, flew with me over the oceans , walked with me in the desert and the dark forests. I still remember the day you flew in from across the oceans four years ago to see me in that small green little box . Four years is a long time buddy incase you dont realize it. Hang on to me coz' i am used to you now more than you may ever realize.


Pinpaks said...

If your ipod could read, I am sure it will be happy. :) Take care of it.

scarlet pimpernel said...

This particular piece of marvel needs no taking care of. It is very rugged. Super thin n light with no display. Its a non fussy blessing . :-)

Anonymous said...

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