Sunday, September 13, 2009

Star Singh

Hi all ,

I want to tell you all about star singh today. Star singh, ofcourse is not his name and i am using a pseudo name coz afterall this is an anon blog. I see him everyday. He works as a labourer where i work .Everyday i see him exactly at 05.30 am all dressed and good to go waiting for his transport to pick him up, i might as well set my watch on him. I can see him working all day, from my window at my office. He talks very little, works as hard and as sincerely as anybody else on the shopfloor. Star singh's two sons are in the indian navy and are well settled and he married off his only daughter ages ago. I wondered why he is staying on in oman for and i assumed that he is the kind of man who likes to hardwork till the day he dies.
One of those sleepless nights i wass tossing around in bed and my mind craved for a cigarette. I was out smoking in the parking lot when i got sight of star singh walking in through the camp gates lugging a huge sack on his back. What is starsingh doing with a large sack on his back in the dead of the night ?. I asked the same question to another guy at the office. Oh boy ! if i say i was shocked it would be an understatement. The crazy truth is that star singh is a sucker for bar girls. He visits them as often as he can. what ever salary he earns he spends on them and he stopped sending money home long ago. He has borrowed heavily from his provident fund. He collects empty cans all night. Yes thats right, after doing 10 hour duty star singh picks up empty coke cans all night and sells those to scrap buyers to pay off his debt.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


This weekend i had a chance to literally taste the gulf onam . for those who dont know what onam is ...It is the single most important important festival celebrated by all malayalis aka malabaris irrespective of religion and geographical location ( the word goes that neil arm strong met a malayali on the moon selling tea....meaning malabaris will migrate anywhere and do anything to survive )The actual onam is ten days with the most important day being the " thiruvonam "which marks the begining of the harvest. Please visit this page to read more about onam and how it is celibrated traditionally

My muscat onam was actually celebrated over three days commencing with a party i threw at our office for all those who were not fasting. It actually helped that a traditional onam meal with 26 dishes and 3 payasams /puddings can be bought from ruwi malabari hotels for r.o 3 /- complete with the plantain leaf . The actual tiruvonam i spent with my relatives in alkhuwair (bcoz the rest of my family is in kerala enjoying onam ... i cudnt get away due to technical reasons) doing floral arragements enjoying the singing and besides stuffing myself. The day after that we had a celebration at the company staff quarters with more meals and what not . so this onam was thrice onamatic. The photo at the begining of the post is slightly out of focus and not sharp thats what happens when you try to eat and click at the same time .