Monday, August 17, 2009

Heart Break

Hi , I came across these lines in another blog this is pretty much i want to say to " her"
The link to the original blog post is

In the name of love,
I have broken hearts
I have left scars,
I have settled scores,and I have left open pores,
I have manipulated thoughts,tears I have shed,
wounds I have had,
but I have taken revenge,
I have asked questions,
I have seeked answers,
done a lot of tit for tat,````all in the name of love.
But with you my darling,all this feels like,so not me.
You will never come across,the immature kid,that I could be.
Unnecessary arguments,broken heart,countless tears,unending questions,
baseless expectations,Wont let any of that,happen between us.
Because I love you,a lot more than all of that,
(more than momentary solace,of settlement, argument and quarrels)
Sweetheart,it's with you,
I have known what love is.
It's you I want to love,in its purest form.


kaka said...

nice ....:)...i understand which blog u r referring to..

Anonymous said...


Naina said...

thank tamil is i didnt understand your comments..

i hope you didnt get offended.

i understand your intentions but i guess whenever you want to say something, its better to use your own words and expressions.. in that way the one for whom it is meant likes it more.. when the thought is originally your own and words are yours..

I hope you dont misunderstand me.

Take care

Shravan RN said...

namasthe ji :) ingane karangi nadakkuvaanu blogsiloode.. :) angine aanu ivide.. vannathu ariyichittu ponu :)

hv read the original stuff and yeah, its worth sharing, and just as the person above says, i personally feel, ente swantham vaakukal aanu enikkum ishtham :)

scarlet pimpernel said...

sariyanennu tonunnu .. swantham vakkukal prayogichu nokkanam

Abhishek Behera said...

beautiful! beautiful!

Abhishek Behera said...

one thing - "musings of a mathematician" is not my main blog. "even odd" is. i kind of feel weird mentioning this. thanks for the visit :)

scarlet pimpernel said...

EVEN ODD !!! Thats maths again man