Saturday, August 22, 2009



Went out to sohar this weekend with my brother, after dropping my dad at the airport .

I love sohar very much because once i got a chance to spend an entire month in sohar wandering aimlessly in the souq, fish market, stables,farms and beaches.There was no movie thatre back then. For those who didnt know Sohar is " sindbad the sailor" home town .
I spent some time practising drums this thursday and i discovered the side mirrors. Really i learned to drive in india at a very young age and inspite of thousands of kilometers both on road and off road in india, i never really learned the use of mirrors.Wen ever the need occured i just looked over my Shoulders and my cars mirrors were always pushed close so as not to lose them in the bumber to bumber, door to door traffic in my home town. I never even bothered to fix a rear view mirror on my bike for years. So it was like learning to drive first time again, this time with the mirrors .....really frustrating because with out the mirrors i can come out of the drums in less than 10 seconds.
Friday we spend the time getting ready for the ramadhan stocking the fridge and making arrangements for the food and being the last day of partying my brother and his friends went to the sohar beach swiss hotel for a round of drinks. I chose to watch the movie " the ghosts of past girlfriends " at the city centre sohar, being not the partying kind of guy . It was a very nice movie.

This morning we woke up early and reached the rop office at sohar just in time for my drum and slope test . I managed to do the first half of the test with out the mirror, but they warned me to use the mirror and i complied . With some difficulty i managed to get out with out hitting any drums and i passed slope quite easily. Then i caught a taxi back to muscat and i am back at my office.

Really " The objects in the mirror are closer than they appear"



Abhishek Behera said...

While reading the post scenes from "kite-runner" were flashing in my mind. I wonder how beautiful Sohar would be?


p.s.: I love the logo "The Scarlet Pimpernel". Can you teach me how to make one?

scarlet pimpernel said...


Abhishek,The scarlet pimpernel is actually a character out of a series by baronnes emmuska. In the series an english nobleman stages daring rescue of french nobles from the french guillotine.Nobody knew who he was and his signature was a small red flower found in england the "pimpernel" so people began to call him the scarlet pimpernel.

About me i chose this name bcoz all muscat blogs are anonymous and really you cant say anything you like as back in india. So keeping my options open for some political satiring i named the blog the scarlet pimpernel

Abhishek Behera said...

Oh sounds like a serious threat to an individual's liberty. I am a bit disappointed. And a bit saddened.

Good Luck! Keep blogging \m/

Thanks for the information on scarlet pimpernel.

scarlet pimpernel said...

Ha ha, Dont be .. here in oman we have a very volatile blogging community
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check em out

lostworld said...

Didn't know Sohar was 'sindbad the sailor's ' domain! Very nice post.
Its an advantage learning in India (I think).