Monday, January 3, 2011


I dont mind you butting in on the line @ Lulu and i dont mind it when you cut in on me @ the airportduty free. I dont mind when you barge in @ the barber shop. It's your country and i am just another hindi and aiwa.. entha omani, i dont have enough wasta and i am not a g0raa. But no, i wont let you do that @ the hospital you asshole fuckers even if you say you have a chilli up your ass.

Frustrated after a long day @ the hospital trying to get some treatement on time for my 58 year old dad.


Neha said...

Hope your father is feeling better now. Wishing him speedy recovery.

anilkurup59 said...

I just did not get that clear , is it in India or in the middle east?

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Oh I am so sorry for you.

I saw that the other day.

There was a worker (not all expats here in Oman are though) having a huge deydration illness bought. Quite serious.

A very rude Omani lady in a niqab bumped him in the line. Her illness? A fake sick leave and she wanted to head out to some sale with her friends.

It made me and my Omani husband quite disgusted.

I am sorry and am praying your father he gets well.

Anonymous said...

It's very common in the Gulf and one of the reasons I'm happy not to live there anymore. The day will come though, and when it does many of us will be happy to teach them what arrogant selfishness feels like on the receiving end.

scarlet pimpernel said...

@ Neha
Thank you ..You are a gem

Although all places have got a share of Q jumpers. This particular incident happened in Muscat oman.

Hi ordeal started days ago @ haima hospital where my dad was admitted after surviving an auto accident and then @ sohar hospital and now at badr al sama ruwi.. @ sohar hospital the omani nursing assistants were openly letting omanis jump the Q.. that was the worst. Thankyou very much for visiting my blog and commenting.

@ Anon

Yes...sadly its common and its generally accepted if a local jumps a Q to butt in on an expat. I think they would never get it right until they get a taste of their own medicine when they are abroad.i have to mention about one officer at the bank near to where i work, he refuses to service the local customers who jumped the Q.

scarlet pimpernel said...

Another incident regarding Q

Location Alkhuwair Mac

I walked in to find a lady giving her order at the counter and there were two guys just standing a few feet away (obviously not in the Q)and i assumed them to be waiting for their order to be delivered. As soon as i lined up behind the lady these guys came over to me and told me that they were actually ahead of me.They explained to me that it was not a good thing to stand close to a lady and that was why they were just waiting for their turn a few paces away.

Today 06.00 am @ Badr Al Sama Casuality.

A lady is wheeled in to the casuality but is quickly wheeled out citing the reason that there is no lady doctor and the lady was not accompanied by her husband.

Please leave your comments about these two incidents please

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Al Kuwair McDonald's: actually,the guys reason could very well be legit. My husband always stands very far away, almost out of the line, for women. It is a religious thing.

Hospital: Well, my husband, if I am very sick, will let me see a male doctor unattended, but some Omani women, they can't because their husbands are idiots who'd divorce them over them having a male doctor hold their arm to check blood pressure ect.

Muslim women are allowed to recieve medical attention from men, and men likewise with women, but only if there is no other ready alternative.

Or it simply wasn't a big enough emergancy.

But the nursing attendants at Badr Samaa letting Omanis with non-emergancies jump your father in the cue? THAT IS UNFORGIVEABLE. No rleigious excuse for it AT ALL. Even bouncing you at McDonalds que, or bank, or Carrefoure... These are NON-EMERGANCIES. No Omani man (sometimes pregnant women or elderly are allowed to jump cue due to inability stand for long times) should EVER be allowed to bump you. To be honest, I'd protest it.

Islam says no Arab is better than a non Arab, nor any skin tone or nation over another one.

Remind them to be the Muslims tey claim to be.

Anonymous said...

Queue jumping should only be by consent of the people being bumped back.

Insignia said...

Its the same story everywhere huh? Bad! I hope your father is feeling better now.

Anonymous said...

No excuses,religion,sickness,culture or anything else ,it's plain bad manners. Let them try it in the west and see what happens!!! For sure they would learn their lesson and they wouldn't do it again.

Anonymous said...

It is a pity that it happened but no need to be racist Mr Gandhu.

Dev said...

So many comments on Q jumping and the consequential bashing! But I reserve my sympathies for you for some other day. Reason : you mentioned that you are Hindi. As per our 'culture', yes - I too am Indian, we are not supposed to use racial slur (read discrimination) even if we are at the receiving end. The tone of your post is unpardonable. Secondly, you should be aware of the cultural norms of the land where you live, standing close to a woman in a Q is not done here. In any case, you should have asked the 2 gents in Mac if they were in Q and then positioned yourself. Thidly: you are busy bashing up the locals for jumping the Q, but my experience (6 years of it) at all the places listed by you - Lulu, Carreforur, Airport, streets, traffic, etc. etc. .. it is the Indian Sub-Continent expats, who constantly jump the Q and have to be reigned in all the time. In fact most of the time, the locals are extremely polite and aware about the etiquettes of Q. Dont be biased SP.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 1
@ Insignia
Yup! he has bounceb back ;-)
@Anon 2
He He ! They wont try it in the west i am sure.
@ Anon 3
Do i sound racist? sorry
Hi dev, welcome 2 my blog and thanks for posting your opinion. I no longer care about what we are supposed to do, i am past that stage. About the Mc Q.. i maintained comfortable distance from the woman and really i cant see myself asking people if they are in q when they are not in q. But i accept that i should have been aware of the local custom. Again this was an angry rant after a frustrating day at the hospital, if i sound biased so be it.I will try to be less biased my friend and do keep your sympathies with you ;-)


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